CFP: Foreign Bodies in Korean Literature (MLA 2017)

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    Jina E. Kim

    Foreign Bodies in Korean Literature

    The panel addresses representation of bodies that do not respect borders, including those of foreign, non-human, migrant, spectral, infected, illegal or criminal nature. 250-word abstract and 1-p CV by March 15, 2016; Kelly Jeong (


    This panel seeks papers that address the representation of foreign bodies in Korean literature. While a self-proclaimed homogeneous nation, its literary and cultural works exhibit various modes of the alien, unfamiliar, or unwelcome—that perceived as coming from without that nonetheless resides within. Often appearing in relation to or produced by systematic attempts to fix, identify, and control the foreign (attempts which include the linguistic and the literary), these bodies do not respect borders, norms, or limits, and may include the illegal or criminal, the non-human, the migrant, the (double) agent, the abnormal, the spectral, or the infected or diseased.

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