MLA 2023 CFP — Anglo-Dutch Exchanges in the 17c-18c World

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    David Alff

    Anglo-Dutch Exchanges in the 17-18c World (CFP, MLA 2023)
    How did two nations separated by ninety miles of salt water establish rival patterns of resource extraction, settler conquest, capital finance, and maritime logistics that came to govern life the world over? This roundtable addresses the global impress of Anglo-Dutch relations in the 1600 and 1700s, from the North Sea to Indonesia to Surinam to Manhattan to the Cape of Good Hope. Papers might address questions of dynastic power within and beyond early modern Europe, theories of territoriality as applied over land and at sea, the formal art of multi-lingual treatises, codes of bourgeois merchant conduct, the role of immigrants as an industrial workforce, resistance to Anglo-Dutch imperial ambitions from Indigenous peoples and competing colonial powers, the historical trace of old conflicts in texts like Washington Irving’s History of New York and cryptic toponomies like Spuyten Duyvil, and the methodological problems of archival knowledge and representation that such investigations pose.  Presenters will deliver ten-minute papers in a roundtable format, leaving ample time for discussion. Please send a 200-word abstract and brief CV to David Alff ( by March 15. This guaranteed panel is sponsored by the Comparative 18th Century Forum.

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