Disability, Contingency, Neoliberalism, MLA 2016

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    Allison Hobgood

    Thursday, 7 January

    120. Disability, Contingency, Neoliberalism

    3:30–4:45 p.m.

    Program arranged by the Forum TC Disability Studies

    Presiding: Susan Antebi, Univ. of Toronto

    1. “The Biopolitics of Disability,” David Mitchell, George Washington Univ.; Sharon Snyder, George Washington Univ.

    2. “Crip Figures: Disability, Austerity, and Aspiration,” Robert McRuer, George Washington Univ.

    3. “The Stories We Tell: The ADA, Activism,,” Lennard J. Davis, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago

    4. “Different Rhythms: Land-Based Disability Performances in Precarious Times,” Petra Kuppers, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    For abstracts, write to susan.antebi@utoronto.ca after 7 Jan.

    Editorial queries and comments: 3. Words missing from the end of your title?

    The following audiovisual request(s) was/were made for your session: Projection equipment for a computer; Extra microphone; Speakers for sound from audio device (e.g., iPod)

    The following assistance for presenters with disabilities was requested for your session: Ramps and space for wheelchair access at head table

    keywords: Disability, neolibralism, biopolitics, ADA, crips

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