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    Hélène Bilis

    Hello Fellow TC Digital Humanists,

    I’m happy to be nominated for the executive committee for the TC DH Executive Forum and I would be honored to serve.  My platform, if I were to articulate one briefly, is to continue to make DH studies in North America more multilingual (specifically, showcasing projects and initiatives beyond English and supporting approaches that address, directly or indirectly, how language shapes digital projects and tools); making the field more accessible to, and celebratory of, a diversity of practitioners and students–by diversity I mean culturally, linguistically, and ethnically diverse, but also promoting institutional diversity, making sure initiatives by faculty and students from smaller less well-funded schools, including community colleges and small liberal arts colleges–are more largely supported and recognized at the MLA; and continuing to think about DH and disability: promoting tactile DH projects, multi-sensory DH, and alternative ways of communicating visualizations. If you’re interested in learning about some of the DH projects I’ve worked on recently, you can check out my bio: https://www.wellesley.<wbr />edu/french/faculty/bilis

    In solidarity,

    Hélène Bilis

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