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    Amanda Licastro

    I am honored to be one of your nominees for the TC DH Executive Committee. I thought it might be helpful to share a quick bio here to help you make your decision. Currently, I am the Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric at Stevenson University, a member of the MLA Executive Council, and serve on the Editorial Collective of the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. My research focuses on the impact of technology on writing, which leads me to publish on book history, multimodal composition, and digital pedagogy. I am also the faculty advisor for Stevenson’s online literary, arts, and media journal, The Greenspring Review, and have worked extensively on curriculum development and assessment. As a current member of the MLA Executive Council, I have a thorough understanding of the structure and policies governing the MLA, and can bring this knowledge into our TC DH discussions. I was also one of the original participants in the Connected Academics project, and have a co-authored chapter on “Collaboration” in the Digital Pedagogy text published by the MLA. My primary research focus at this time is a grant-funded project that investigates the pedagogical applications of Virtual Reality (VR) across the disciplines. Using the premise that empathy can be taught through immersive narrative, I designed an initiative to introduce VR into the higher education curriculum. This project won the Paul Fortier Award at DH 2017. Please feel free to ask me questions here or via email at Thank you for your time and consideration!  (Voting instructions can be found at this link:

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