Lost Voices: MLA International Symposium 2019 Call for Papers: Cuba

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    Barbara Riess

    Panel title: Remembering Voices Lost: Visions of the Cuban Revolution

    This panel explores voices marginalized from the international literary or cultural landscape due to their particular relationship to the Cuban Revolution. Since before its official political existence in 1959 through its self-preserving transformations at various pivotal moments in the late twentieth century, the Cuban Revolution, as leftist ideal or restrictive regime, framed the voices permitted, promoted and repressed at the time of their production; its legacy, those remembered today. Papers will consider cultural production from on- and off the island during the late twentieth and early twenty-first century and the lessons we can glean from them as we seek to understand current notions of radicalism, populism, authoritarianism, dissension and empathy recurring in our own contemporary conjuncture. Please send paper proposals in English, Spanish or Portuguese that include a title, abstract and institutional affiliation to briess@allegheny.edu by September 18, 2018.

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