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    Elena Machado Sáez

    Dear Colleagues,


    On behalf of the Latina/o Studies Association organizing committee, the members of the election committee invite nominations for the Founding Executive Council of LSA.


    The Founding Executive Council will establish the structures necessary for the incorporation of the Latina/o Studies Association as a national organization. To assist them in this task, the Founding Executive Council will organize a set of working committees drawn from the membership of the current organization. Founding Executive Council members are expected to participate in these working committees to help develop a structure for the organization.


    In partnership with the Founding Executive Council, working committees will:

    • determine the legal and financial aspects of the organization
    • draft by-laws and organizational procedures
    • write a mission statement
    • name the organization
    • communicate about the status of the organization with the membership


    Members of the Founding Executive Council will also work with the LSA Conference Committee to organize a meeting (or series of meetings) at the 2016 Latina/o Studies Association Conference in order to update membership about the status of the association.


    The Founding Executive Council will be comprised of the following officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Council Members are expected to serve for three years from 2015 to 2018. All council members are expected to participate actively in the working committees and should have institutional support and leadership experience.


    Tasks and Responsibilities of Founding Executive Council Officers:


    President (Chair):

    Secure incorporation of the association, oversee committees, coordinate with the Conference Committee for 2016.


    Vice President (Vice Chair):

    Assist the President in incorporating the association, overseeing committees, and coordinating with the 2016 Conference Committee.



    Manage the financial aspects of incorporation and the ongoing finances of the Latino Studies Association.


    Secretary (Chief Administrator/Archivist):

    Archive all meetings and proceedings of the Latino Studies Association.  Collect and archive materials related to the incorporation of the Association. Develop a communication strategy to share the process with the membership of the current organization.


    Nomination Procedures:

    Individuals can self nominate or nominate others by submitting a 100 word bio, a 250 word statement describing why they would like to serve on the Council, and a curriculum vitae. Before nominating an individual, please ensure their willingness to serve. Individuals who accept a nomination should submit their materials.


    Nominations should be submitted by email to: by January 15, 2015. Please indicate the position you would like to be considered for in your nomination.




    The Latina/o Studies Association Election Committee

    Jillian Baez, College of Staten Island-CUNY

    Lee Bebout, Arizona State University

    Jasney Cogua-López, Florida Atlantic University

    María Cotera, University of Michigan

    Marcela A. Diblasi, New York University

    Ylce Irizzary, University of South Florida)

    Mérida Rúa, Williams College)

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