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Call for Book Reviewers

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    Shashi Bhusan Nayak

    iEnglish Journal is considering proposals for book reviews and review essays. iEnglish expects potential reviewers to have received their Ph.D. in English or a related field, or to have evidence of relevant publications or expertise.

    All prospective reviewers must adhere to our ethics and conflict of interest policy: they are expected to not have close personal or collegial relations with the authors of materials they propose to review.

    If you are interested in writing a review (and receiving a free copy of the book) please contact ienglishjournal@gmail.com. If you would like to suggest other recent or forthcoming books for a review, please send your suggestions, too!

    Potential reviewers should send their full name, position, institutional affiliation (if applicable), full mailing address, a summary of their previously published work, and the title of the book they would like to review.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Books for Review  </p>
    Literary Simulation and the Digital Humanities: Reading, Editing, Writing

    Author: Manuel PortelaPublisher: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022

    Muslim Textualities: A Literary Approach to Feminism

    Author Jean M. KanePublisher: Routledge, 2022

    Black Trans Feminism

    Author: Marquis BeyPublisher: Duke University Press Books, 2022

    Literature and Skepticism

    Author: Pablo OyarzunPublisher: State University of New York Press, 2022

    The Edinburgh Companion to Nonsense

    Editors: Anna Barton, James WilliamsPublisher: Edinburgh University Press, Year: 2022

    Critical Writing: A Guide To Writing A Paper Using The Concepts And Processes Of Critical Thinking

    Author(s): Gerald NosichPublisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing, Year: 2022

    The Routledge International Handbook of Discrimination, Prejudice, and Stereotyping

    Author(s): Cristian Tileagă (editor), Martha Augoustinos (editor), Kevin Durrheim (editor)Series: Routledge International HandbooksPublisher: Routledge, Year: 2022

    Lacanian Psychoanalysis in Practice: Insights from Fourteen Psychoanalysts

    Author(s): Diego BusiolPublisher: Routledge, Year: 2022

    An autoethnography of African American motherhood: things I tell my daughter

    Author(s): Renata Harden FerdinandSeries: Writing lives

    Year: 2022

    Troubling Traditions: Canonicity, Theatre, and Performance in the US

    Author(s): Lindsey Mantoan (editor), Matthew Moore (editor), Angela Farr Schiller (editor)Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2022

    Perspectives On Digital Humanism

    Author(s): Hannes Werthner, Erich Prem, Edward A. LeeCarlo GhezziPublisher: Springer, Year: 2022

    The SAGE Handbook of Marxism

    Author(s): Bev Skeggs (editor), Sara Farris (editor), Alberto Toscano (editor), Svenja Bromberg (editor)Publisher: SAGE Publications, Year: 2022

    Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth (Second Edition)

    Editors: Carol J. Adams, Lori GruenPublisher: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022

    Animal Bodies: On Death, Desire, and Other Difficulties

    Author: Suzanne RobertsPublisher: University of Nebraska Press, 2022

    Food in Memory and Imagination: Space, Place and, Taste

    Editors: Beth Forrest, Greg de St. MauricePublisher: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022

    After Effects: A Memoir of Complicated Grief

    Author: Andrea GilatsPublisher: University of Minnesota Press, 2022

    The Marx Through Lacan Vocabulary: A Compass for Libidinal and Political Economies

    Editors: Christina Soto van der Plas, Edgar Miguel Juárez-Salazar, Carlos Gómez Camarena, David Pavón-CuéllarPublisher: Routledge, 2022

    The Routledge Global History of Feminism

    Editors: Bonnie G. Smith, Nova RobinsonPublisher: Routledge, 2022

    Joyce Writing Disability

    Editor: Jeremy ColangeloPublisher: University Press of Florida, 2022

    A Decolonial Black Feminist Theory of Reading and Shade: Feeling the University

    Author: Andrea N. BaldwinPublisher: Routledge, 2022

    Doing ethics in media: theories and practical applications

    Author(s): Jay Black; Chris RobertsYear: 2022

    The Routledge Handbook Of Scientific Communication

    Author(s): Cristina Hanganu-Bresch, Michael J. Zerbe, Gabriel Cutrufello, Stefania M. MaciSeries: Routledge International HandbooksPublisher: Routledge | Taylor & Francis, Year: 2022

    The Routledge handbook of family communication

    Author(s): Anita L. Vangelisti (editor)Series: Routledge communication series

    Year: 2022

    Human Behaviour in Pandemics: Social and Psychological Determinants in a Global Health Crisis

    Authors: Malgorzata Kossowska, Natalia Letki, Tomasz Zaleskiewicz, Szymon WicharyPublisher: Routledge, 2022

    Collapse: The Fall of The Soviet Union

    Author: Vladislav M. ZubokPublisher: Yale University Press, 2022

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