MLA 2020 LLC Colonial Latin American Sessions

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    Elvira L. Vilches

      46. Colonial Translation: Rendering Indigenous and Western Exchanges

    Organizer and Chair: Galen Brokaw

    THURSDAY, 9 JANUARY 1:45 PM-3:00 PM, 203 (WSCC)

    • Marlena Cravens, U of Texas, “Quechua Dictionaries: Catholicism and Tribute in the Wake of Castilian Conquest, 1535-1620”
    • Ben Post, Murray State U, “Calderón reducido: Theological Drama in Indigenous Translation”
    • Laurence de Looze, U of Western Ontario, “Coming to ‘Terms’ with Mesoamerican Culture: Untranslatability and the Reception of Mesoamerican Culture”

    386. Overlapping Colonialisms I, “Imperial Rivalries in Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific”

    Organizer: Baltasar Fra-Molinero

    Chair : Benita San Pedro

    FRIDAY, 10 JANUARY 5:15-6:30 PM, 612 (WSCC)

    • Manuel Garzón, U Pittsburgh, “Barbaric Civilizations: Indigenous Colonialism in the Pre-Columbian Era”
    • Lexie Cook, Columbia, “Measure for Measure: Translating Value in Early Modern West Africa”
    • Ricardo Padrón, “A New Sheriff in the Spicery: Iberian Rivalry and Anti-Dutch Rhetoric in Argensola’s Conquista de las Molucas”  518.

    518. Overlapping Colonialisms II, “Ties, Tensions, and Transitions between the Spanish and British Empires”

    Organizers: Elvira Vilches and Lisa Voigt

    Chair: Elvira Vilches

    SATURDAY, 11 JANUARY 12:00 PM-1:15 PM, 203 (WSCC)

    • Stephanie Kirk, Washington U, “Apostasy and Orthodoxy in Ireland, England, and the New World”
    • Miguel Martínez, U of Chicago, “A World from a Cell. Manila’s City Life on the Eve of the British Occupation, 1762-1764”
    • Iris Montero Sobrevilla, Brown U, “Spanish, British, and New Spanish Readings of Nootka Sound, 1774-1793” 776.

    776. Roundtable, “When the Canon is Not Enough”

    Organizer: Mónica Díaz

    Chair: Lisa Voigt 

    SUNDAY, 12 JANUARY  1:45-3 PM, 203 (WSCC)

    • Speakers: Heather Allen (U of Mississippi),
    • Amber Brian (U of Iowa),
    • Mónica Díaz (U of Kentucky),
    • Mariselle Meléndez (U of Illinois)
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