CFP: MLA 2021 (Toronto)

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    Allison Margaret Bigelow

    Dear colleagues,
    Please see below for a panel on power and abuse in the eighteenth century world (MLA 2021, Toronto). Thanks!

    Efforts to ensconce and enforce social, political, and economic hierarchies punctuated much of eighteenth-century life and letters around the world. This was an era that bore witness to abuses of power at every level: the transatlantic slave trade, imperial expansions and contractions, democratic uprisings, libertine sexuality, and scientific projects to classify human, non-human, and less-than-human life. This panel welcomes papers that explore eighteenth-century concepts of power, abuse, and transgression, viewed variously from the perspective of elite actors, state forces, and social institutions as well as marginalized subjects, subaltern knowledge producers, and popular movements. Please send 250 word abstracts and brief bios to Allison Bigelow ( and Paul Kelleher ( by April 1, 2020.

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