2 additional Panels on Why Theater Matters and Performing Childhood @ Seattle

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    Noelia Sol Cirnigliaro

    And another  reminder: there is still time to submit abstracts for these two panel @ Seattle [Send us your 250-word abstract and CV by 15 March 2019 to Noelia.Cirnigliaro@dartmouth.edu]. Panel on childhood is Co-sponsored by GEMELA.


    Why Theater Matters: Then and Now

    Theater clearly mattered in early modern times as evidenced by the voluminous polemics regarding its place in the polis. Does its performance and/or study matter today?We seek papers exploring what the controversies regarding the genre and performance of the theaters of the past (comedia, entremeses, royal entries and public festivities, etc.) have to say about theater’s central role in the early modern period as well as considerations of whether contemporary theoretical, pedagogical, and pragmatic debates (including issues related to performance and patronage) might help us understand the role of early modern theater in today’s world.

    Performing Childhood

    Current studies on childhood are changing the way we research representations of children and young adults on stage. How did children and ideas about childhood contribute to the early modern theater off and on stage? How were children’s lives impacted by their engagement with gendered politics and the way this structured family life?We welcome abstracts that address the historical, conceptual, legal and symbolic functions performed by children in the comedia. Please submit 250-word abstracts and CV by 15 March 2019 to Noelia.Cirnigliaro@dartmouth.edu

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