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CfP MLA 2023: Making Sacred, Making Holy: the Canonization of People and Texts

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    Elizabeth Scarlett

    Memorialization, \”entering the canon,\” and the influence of politics, race, class, or gender. Who decides on the people, texts, places, dates, etc. selected to be commemorated, studied, and/or enshrined? Theorists such as Lonergan, Bourdieu, Girard, and Agamben have explored “sacralization” as a process of making holy or sacred that can involve factors from many spheres of influence. Canonization by Roman Catholicism has taken political sides with regards to conflicts in Spain and Latin America. The Black Lives Matter movement has brought new perspectives to cultural noteworthiness. Digital and visual cultures have complicated the canonicity of literary texts. Papers are invited on any of these, or related subjects for this guaranteed TC Religion & Literature forum session. Please send a 200-word proposal by 03/15/2022 to Elizabeth Scarlett, U at Buffalo, SU of New York (

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