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CFP due Oct 31st for ACLA online April 8-11, 2021

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    Erin K. Hogan

    Colegas, I would like to invite you to submit to an ACLA seminar that I’m proposing. The conference will be held virtually between April 8-11. I include the CFP below. I hope that you will consider submitting! Salud y saludos, Erin

    Spanish Society Must Be Defended?: Revisiting Foucault, Biopolitics, and Sovereignty Today This proposed seminar revisits Michel Foucault’s “Society Must Be Defended” lecture on March 17, 1976 in light of recent events (2011-). Foucault discussed Franco’s death as a watershed moment in the birth of biopower: “that man who had exercised the absolute power of life and death over hundreds of thousands of people feel under the influence of a power that managed life so well, that took so little heed of death, and he didn’t even realize that he was dead and was being kept alive after his death.” Who are sovereign and homo sacer today? Is power still the right to make live? How is life regularized amidst a pandemic? Which current events or cultural texts best reflect the mechanisms of biopower and what do they indicate? In dialogue with necropolitics, necro-economics, ecocriticism, non-human studies and other contemporary theorizations, this seminar considers the biopolitical workings of Spain today and their impact on quality of life. Participants may choose to grapple with: austerity and the Indignados protests; royal corruption and departure; failed abortion reform; Gag Law and demonstrations; Manada rulings; bid for Catalonian independence; rise of Vox; Franco’s exhumation; monument (Francoist, Columbus) removal; COVID-19 pandemic and economic aftermath. Comparative biopolitical readings with other regions are welcomed. Please submit your paper proposal (200-250 words) to ACLA’s online portal by Oct. 31st. For further information contact

    • October 1 | First day to submit a paper to a proposed seminar
    • October 31| Last day to submit a paper to a proposed seminar
    • November 1| First day for seminar organizers to review papers proposed to their seminar
    • November 9 | Last day for seminar organizers to review papers proposed to their seminar
    • November 10| The Program Committee will begin reviewing proposed seminars
    • Late November | Emails to go out for all proposed seminars and papers with a final decision
    • General information

    Link to the session on the portal

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