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Laura Halperin, Jan. 2018 (2017-Jan. 2018 Ch.)
Olga Herrera, Jan. 2019 (2017-Jan. 2018 Sec.)
Richard T. Rodríguez, Jan. 2020
José Navarro, Jan 2021
Jackie Cuevas, Jan. 2022

The LLC Chicana and Chicano forum promotes scholarship on and the teaching of Chicana/o literature and encourages conversation about the relationship between Chicana/o and US Latina/o studies.

But what, exactly, is an MLA forum supposed to do?

MLA forums—formerly divisions and discussion groups—encompass the scholarly and professional concerns of the association. They promote scholarly and professional activities within their areas of concern.

Each forum is governed by an elected executive committee whose five members serve terms of five convention years. A convention year begins after the close of one convention and continues through the close of the next; it is named for the convention that concludes the year.

You may reach any one of the executive committee members at any time via MLACommons.

Report on Academic Freedom and Higher Education in Palestine

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    Richard T. Rodríguez

    MLA members, and in particular members of this forum who will be attending this year’s MLA 2017 assembly meeting in Philadelphia, may already know that there are a number of resolutions to be considered that address the question of boycotting Israeli academic institutions. The Resolution to endorse the Palestinian call for the boycott of Israeli institutions and an evidence document prepared for it are available here.In addition, you may wish to read the recent MLA members’ report on higher education in Palestine available here.
    In June, 2016 a group of six MLA members traveled together to the West Bank and Israel to find out what it was like for Palestinian academics and students trying to study, teach, and research at universities in the occupied territories and within Israel itself. In addition to learning about academic conditions under occupation, the group also wanted to hear directly from Palestinian scholars and students about their thoughts on the academic boycott of Israeli institutions. They also met with a number of Jewish Israeli leftwing academics and activists to hear about the opportunities for change from within the regime. In the course of their eight day trip the group met with undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and university administrators at six universities in the occupied West Bank — Birzeit University in Ramallah, Bethlehem University, An-Najah University in Nablus, Palestinian Technical University–Kadoorie in Tulkarm, and Hebron University – as well as both Palestinian and Jewish academics and students from a number of Israeli universities. The report includes a detailed account of how Palestinian education has been undermined by Israeli checkpoints, impediments to travel, obstacles to getting materials, raids on campuses, arrests, denial of entry to foreign faculty, and restrictions on research. It also addresses the complicity of Israeli academic institutions in the occupation and the unequal treatment of Palestinian faculty and students in Israel. The report presents the positions of Palestinians and Israelis on the academic movement, making a convincing case for an MLA resolution endorsing the boycott of Israeli academic institutions. The report is available here: https://mlaboycott.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/report-on-mla-members-trip-to-the-west-bank-and-israel/
    Academic Freedom, Higher Education, Israel/Palestine

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