Executive Committee:

Laura Halperin, Jan. 2018 (2017-Jan. 2018 Ch.)
Olga Herrera, Jan. 2019 (2017-Jan. 2018 Sec.)
Richard T. Rodríguez, Jan. 2020
José Navarro, Jan 2021
Jackie Cuevas, Jan. 2022

The LLC Chicana and Chicano forum promotes scholarship on and the teaching of Chicana/o literature and encourages conversation about the relationship between Chicana/o and US Latina/o studies.

But what, exactly, is an MLA forum supposed to do?

MLA forums—formerly divisions and discussion groups—encompass the scholarly and professional concerns of the association. They promote scholarly and professional activities within their areas of concern.

Each forum is governed by an elected executive committee whose five members serve terms of five convention years. A convention year begins after the close of one convention and continues through the close of the next; it is named for the convention that concludes the year.

You may reach any one of the executive committee members at any time via MLACommons.

CFP (MLA 2017): “25 Years of Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage”

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    Yolanda Padilla

    “25 Years of Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage”

    Special session proposed by the 19thc American LLC and the Chicana and Chicano LLC

    Papers considering past contributions, archival silences, and future prospects of the Hispanic Recovery Project with interest on dissensus or dialogue with other currents in the long American 19th century. 250-word abstracts to Rodrigo Lazo (rlazo@uci.edu) and Yolanda Padilla (ypadilla@uw.edu) by 3/23.

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