Harriet S. Turner Book Subvention Grants

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    Lisa Nalbone

    The Asociación Internacional de Galdosistas/International Association of Galdós Scholars announces a new initiative: the Harriet S. Turner Book Subvention Grants.

    The Harriet S. Turner Book Subvention Grants in the amount of up to $2,000.00 are offered annually, on a competitive basis, to AIG members requiring subventions to publish their books. Grant award amounts depend on the overall number of quality applications received and the availability of funds available per year, as determined by the Junta Directiva. Subventions are paid directly to the press. The annual deadline: March 15. Submissions are reviewed by the Junta Directiva of the AIG. All decisions are final.

    Eligibility criteria:

    1. AIG membership during the previous and the concurrent years is required.
    2. The applicant must submit a completed manuscript, along with a copy of a provisional contract from an established academic press, readers’ reports, and a letter from the press expressing the requirement for an outside publication subvention.
    3. The manuscript may be in English or Spanish and must make a substantial contribution to the scholarship on Benito Pérez Galdós or to the field of nineteenth-century Spanish studies, with a significant component devoted to Galdós.
    4. The applicant must first have sought a subvention from alternative sources.
    5. The press must agree to acknowledge an AIG subvention in the front matter of the published book.
    6. Upon publication, the press will provide a written report to the AIG explaining how the subvention was used to support publication of the book.
    7. Current members of the Junta Directiva of AIG are ineligible for a book subvention. Applicants should mail materials to noel.valis@yale.edu .
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