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    Anton Pujol

    Session Title: Engendering Different Catalan Enunciations
    Session Organizer:  Anton Pujol

    In a recent article (1/13/17), Paul B. Preciado argues that screens are the new skin of the world. They constitute the membrane of a new collective entity radically decentered and in the process of subjectivization. Like Gutenberg’s contemporaries, we are experiencing a profound transformation and mutating towards an unknown. In “Catalogne Trans” (1/16/15), Preciado makes a similar argument regarding the need for fluidity, the mutation of gender subjectivities and the possibilities of a new Catalonia. Clearly, new ways of understanding reality will need to be created, analyzed and experienced while challenging and abolishing old paradigms: from Newtonian notions of time and space to biological, medical, and sociopolitical ideas that no longer cohere with our daily reality. This panel takes as its  starting point Preciado’s assertion that ultimately what matters is not the state of transsexuality or independence, for example, but the process of social and subjective experimentation that questions as many dogmatic tenets as possible in each and every sphere of our existence.
    This panel seeks contributions from scholars across all disciplines that target these essential questions. Papers should address artistic, social, and political works produced in Catalonia that challenge our way of experiencing reality. Whether a movie, a book, an exhibit, media activism, a political movement, a play, a tasting menu or any act of performance art, the results assess the consequences, implications and opportunities of becoming (in a Deleuzian sense) a new act of enunciation.  Abstracts by March 15th, 2017;

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