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    Edgar Illas

    Catalan Culture and the State
    Forum: LLC Catalan Studies
    Correlations between Catalan cultural products and the form of the State in modernity and globalization. Abstracts by 15 March 2018; Edgar Illas (

    Modern Catalan culture has been extensively studied in terms of nation building. This focus has eclipsed the more direct efforts at state building that Catalan cultural products may contain as a theme, a subtext, an after-effect, or a hidden secret. This panel seeks to analyze the different ways in which Catalan cultural production has envisioned the form of a possible Catalan state. While the noucentista movement initiated the task of giving a programmatic political form to its cultural production, the impulse of state-building has taken many subsequent shapes and formulas depending on each historical conjuncture. Given the significance of the desire for a Catalan state in today’s Catalonia, the analysis of the cultural genealogies of past and present state-building efforts will be relevant and timely.​

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