CFP: Respect, Responsibility, Coalition, Relation (MLA 2017)

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    Jade R. Ferguson

    Respect, Responsibility, Coalition, Relation
    In the wake of Idle No More and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Indigenous and non-Indigenous activists, writers and scholars are called to self-reflexively articulate and act upon a politics or poetics of relation. What forms might such a politics or poetics take? How are these reflected in literary or cultural production? Papers may address culturally specific ways of knowing, culturally specific ways of being, embodied experience, historically-sedimented experience, legal systems and their material fallout, ways of understanding rights and obligations, human/nonhuman relation, the elements (earth, water, fire air, metal), land, climate/weather, or activist culture.

    Please submit an abstract of 100 words or less by deadline: March 21, 2016 to Larissa Lai at This is a panel of the Canadian Literature Discussion Group at the Modern Languages Association.


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