Details for Convention Panels: Session #322 and Session #459

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    Jennifer Blair

    The Canadian Literature Discussion Group has two exciting panels scheduled for the upcoming MLA convention. See the program details listed below and the “Files” section of the MLA Commons for full abstracts.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver!

    Session #322: Coastal Canada

    January 9, 2015 1:45-3:00pm in 114 VCC West

    “Coastal Zones: Canadian Writing and the Eco-Critical Imagination”
    – Alessandra Capperdoni, Simon Fraser University

    “Performing Coastal Space as Ethnic History: Vancouver’s Chinatown in Wayson Choy’s Paper Shadows
    – Jason Wang, York University

    “Godzilla versus Northern Gateway: Indigenous Cartography as Counter-mapping Coastal Terra Nullius in Eden Robinson’s Monkey Beach
    – Brendan McCormack, University of British Columbia

    Session #459: Visual Cultures and Young People’s Texts in Canada
    (Collaborative Session with the Children’s Literature Division)

    January 10, 2015 10:15-11:30 am in 113 VCC West

    “Everybody calls me Roch: Harvey, The Hockey Sweater and the Invisible Québécois Child”
    – Cheryl Cowdy, York University

    “Daughters of a Single Parent: ‘Lives of Girls and Women’ in Quebec Cinema Today”
    – Miléna Santoro, Georgetown University

    “Marie-Louise Gay’s Stella and Sam: A Canadian Case Study of Transmedia Storytelling with Picture Book Narratives”
    – Naomi Hamer, University of Winnipeg

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