CFP: 20th-21st-Century Hemispheric Literary Studies

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    Kimberly O’Neill

    Gathering 8-10 emerging and established scholars for 5-minute Ignite talks; share your 20th-21st-c hemispheric project (methods, archives, ideas, issues). 200-word abstract and CV by 20 March 2015; Kimberly O’Neill (Kimberly.O’

    The purpose of this panel is to offer 20th-century and contemporary hemispheric scholars the opportunity to share new research projects in their broadest terms.  Rather than read 15-20-minute papers, which would allow only a few participants, we will present 5-minute Ignite Talks (with 10 slides, timed at 30 seconds each) on our work as it currently stands:  our topics, the questions that drive us, the archives in which we’re immersed, and even the struggles we’ve encountered along the way.  By allowing no more than 10 participants, I’d like to leave 20-25 minutes for discussion, allowing audience members to share their own work and their ideas about developing community among 20th-21st-c hemispheric scholars.

    In addition to facilitating conversation among researchers, I hope to explore the plurality of possible projects that might share space in this capacious and fluid field.  I hope thus to gather scholars focusing on:

    • Print and visual cultural expression that traverse Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America and/or the US.
    • Comparative/transnational issues of gender and race
    • Borders and the geopolitics of literature
    • Migration(s) and returns
    • Interstate violence and transnational activisms
    • Meta-scholarship on the state of the field/interrogations of the hemispheric frame
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