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Permissions on docs

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    Katina Rogers

    Hi all,

    I must be too nosey, because I keep clicking on docs that I don’t have permission to read. Perhaps it would be useful to have a label of some sort on items in the activity stream that are private to save people a click?

    Also, I’m wondering whether there would ever be an instance in which someone would not want even the title of the doc to appear in the activity stream. The privacy controls that you have in place are great, and given that this is a professional site, there may not be a need for anything more. Perhaps an indication that the title of the post/doc/whatever will appear in the activity stream might be a helpful reminder before users create something new?

    The site is fantastic, by the way—there are a number of things I’m excited to try after the public launch, and I can think of so many ways it will be useful for next year’s convention.



    Kathleen Fitzpatrick

    Hi, Katina. Were these links in the Activity stream? We discovered the problematic inclusion of supposedly private and hidden docs in public lists a couple of days ago, and got that corrected; unfortunately, though, once something is in the activity stream, it can’t be gotten out. That said, we think that the creation of private docs should no longer appear in those lists; keep us posted if you see otherwise.


    Katina Rogers

    Hi Kathleen,

    If it’s an issue you’ve already addressed, I may have just been seeing residual crumbs from when the private materials were included in public spaces. I got to the links in a roundabout way—I started to create something, then deleted it, at which point I was taken to a list of docs that included both public and private materials.

    I don’t see precisely the same list of docs in the activity stream, but I do see some that I don’t have access to read (though it sounds like that can’t be changed at this point). Good to know that the creation of private will no longer appear in public streams—I know that’s what I would expect if I were creating something private.

    Thanks for following up!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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