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    Kathleen Fitzpatrick

    Hello, beta testers. Just a quick note about a few updates: When we originally invited you to join our early testing here at MLA Commons, we’d done so either because you’d volunteered (thanks!) or because you were part of a select few groups that we thought would be good test cases for our authentication and group systems.

    As a result, when you first logged in, you were automatically populated into a subset of your potential groups; in order to keep things manageable, we whitelisted only those groups (committees, divisions, and discussion groups) that had been selected for testing.

    Now, however, that portion of our whitelist has been removed. As a result, when you next log in, you’ll notice that you’ve been populated into several more groups. In fact, you should see all of the divisions, discussion groups, and committees of which you are a part represented.

    If something is missing, or if you find yourself a member of a bunch of groups you don’t remember joining, you can add or remove your group memberships by logging in at mla.org, clicking on “My MLA,” and scrolling down to the links that will allow you to edit your division and discussion group memberships. The next time you log in here, those changes should take effect.

    As always, if you see anything untoward, let us know. We’ll look forward to hearing more from you…

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