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CFPs for the 2017 MLA: LLC Asian American Forum

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    Crystal Parikh

    The Forum in Asian American Literature has posted four CFPs for the 2017 MLA. Please consider whether you might have a paper that fits one!

    1.  Boundary Conditions and Complexities in Teaching the Works of Karen Tei Yamashita

    Forum: LLC Asian American
    Papers on pedagogical practices and concerns in teaching the works of Karen Tei Yamashita. 250 word abstracts and one-page CV by 15 March 2016; Pamela Thoma (


    2. Cutting Across Disciplines: Creativity and Critique in Asian American Writing

    Forum: LLC Asian American
    Considers how Asian American authorship straddles the line between literary criticism, activism, and political critique. 250 word abstract and one-page CV by 15 March 2016; Cathy Schlund-Vials (


    3.  Speculative Asian American Fictions

    Forum: LLC Asian American
    Papers that consider speculative fiction, science and technology as they pertain to Asian American literature. 250 word abstract and one-page CV by 15 March 2016; Crystal Parikh (


    4.  “The Intimacies of Four Continents: Crossing Boundaries, Disciplines, Archives”

    Forum: LLC Asian American
    Engagements with Lisa Lowe’s The Intimacies of Four Continents. Assessments, critiques, possibilities for new approaches, archives, connections. 250 word abstract and one-page CV. by 15 March 2016; Jeehyun Lim (

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