Forum for the LLC Asian American Literature forum’s members.

Current executive committee:

Heidi Kim, 2017-Jan. 2022
Harrod Suarez, 2018-Jan. 2023
Vinh Nguyen, 2019-Jan. 2024
Jinah Kim, 2020-Jan. 2025
Erin Suzuki, 2021-Jan. 2026

Current forum delegate: Lynn Itagaki

Candidate statement for Executive Committee, Asian American Forum

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    Jeehyun Lim

    I am honored to be nominated for the Asian American Forum’s Executive Committee. Asian American literature and culture are central to my research and teaching interests. As executive committee member of the forum I will try to represent current topics, issues, and directions in Asian American literature and criticism in designing the MLA forum sessions and to make the forum a place where affiliations and connections between Asian American literary studies and adjacent fields that share similar interests in social justice, minority identities, and representation can be explored. My first book, which explores bilingual personhood in Asian American and Latino literature, is under contract. I have also co-edited with a colleague a forthcoming essay collection on the legacies of the Vietnam War and have published articles on Asian American, Latino, and African American literature. This would be my first service on an MLA committee, but what I lack in experience, I’ll make up for in commitment and an openness to listen to and learn from colleagues. I look forward to serving on the committee if elected.

    Jeehyun Lim, Assistant Professor of English, Denison University

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