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Literacy Studies Forum CFPs for MLA 2019 – Please share!

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    Suzanne Blum Malley

    We are pleased to share the CFP for our RCWS Literacy Studies Forum sponsored sessions and the CFP for a collaborative session with the LSL Language and Society Forum. Please share with colleagues who may be interested in submitting a proposal for either session.

    RCWS Literacy Studies sponsored session:
    The MLA RCWS Literacy Studies Forum invites proposals for MLA 2019 presentations on literacies and literacy practices, situated in a wide range of political, social, economic, linguistic, educational, cultural, and technological contexts. Specifically, at MLA 2019 we are interested in exploring how literacies are exchanged between people and contexts. How do people, their literacy practices, and texts change as a result of this transaction? We welcome papers that speak to literacy, exchange, and change. Submit 250-350 word abstracts by 15 March 2018 to Alanna Frost (frosta@uah.edu), Peggy Otto (peggy.otto@wku.edu)

    RCWS Literacy Studies and LSL Language and Society Collaborative Session:

    The Literacy Studies and the Language and Society Forums invite papers that explore local epistemologies on how language contact shapes textual transactions. How do communities, their literacy practices, and texts transform as a result?
    Deadline 15 March. to Alanna Frost (frosta@uah.edu), Peggy Otto (peggy.otto@wku.edu), and Usree Bhattacharya (usreeb@uga.edu)
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