The mission of the TC Age Studies forum is to benefit the association by serving as a valuable resource for researchers and educators in the field of age studies. To achieve this goal, researchers explore the implications of age differences across the lifespan and the intersections of age with other categories of identity in literature, media, and culture, particularly focusing on considerations of aging and old age. Educators incorporate age studies concepts into pedagogies of literature, language, and writing. We encourage scholars to explore the impact of their own and others’ age-based stereotypes, the benefits and frustration of aging, and the potential inherent in aging and old age beyond the boundaries of essentialist, reductive valuations. The TC Age Studies forum supports examinations of cultural assumptions and research about age and age-based discriminations, including responses and resistance.

Invitation for Self Nomination

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    Greetings to all of you, and especially to those of you new to this Forum, or at least new to me!

    The Age Studies Exec committe will be looking to elect 2 positions in January.

    1. Someone to represent us at the delegates meeting held at MLA each January. This is a position described by Leigh, below.
    2. Someone to step in as a new member of the Executive Committee, as the past president rotates out, and serve for 5 years. This work doesn’t require attending the conference, although we frequently find ourself involved with panels and do. We produce the CFPs for MLA in early spring, and select the papers to invite, and our conversations happen virtually.

    I want to specifically encourage you to “Nominate yourself,” by which I mean volunteer to run. I think the system for delegates and committees was set up envisioning an organization with many longtime professional connections and colleagues (imagining here the Mark Twain or Medieval Studies group–they are tight!). Those of us in the TC forums find ourselves in a different situation. Members come from all fields and disciplines, and most join the group out of a personal research interest, rather than because this is a network of people they cross paths with elsewhere.  Therefore, it’s hard to know who to nominate! It’s the perfect place to put yourself out there.

    Email or dm me here with any questions or suggestions

    Susan (try my work email

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