LLC African American Forum Executive Committee:

Jervette Ward, January 2023 (2021-January 2022 Chair)
Kristin Moriah, January 2024 (2021-January 2022 Secretary)
Sharon Lynette Jones, January 2025
Dorothy Tsuruta, January 2026
Julius Fleming, January 2027

Nominations and Self-Nominations For Assembly Delegate

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    Dorothy Stringer

    The TC Forum on Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Literature solicits nominations and self-nominations for Delegate to the MLA Delegate Assembly. Running for Delegate is a good way to become more involved in Forum activities and to make connections with colleagues who share your scholarly interests. To put forward your own or a colleague\’s name, please e-mail Dorothy Stringer ( by February 10, 2023. Please also forward this call for nominations to anyone who may be interested.

    Further details on the position:

    Each forum has a representative in the Delegate Assembly. These delegates serve for a term of three years. The person elected in 2023 will serve in the assembly from 10 January 2024 through the close of the January 2027 convention (a term of three convention years). Please see this document for an outline of the responsibilities of delegates.

    Candidates must be at different institutions and meet the following criteria to be nominated:

    • Must have been an MLA member between 15 January 2022 and 14 January 2023, unless the nominee is a student, in which case we only require that they be a current member. However, previous TC Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Literature Forum membership is NOT required.
    • Cannot already be serving on the Delegate Assembly, unless their term ends in 2024
    • Cannot already have served two successive terms on the Delegate Assembly

    A delegate’s main responsibility is to attend meetings of the assembly, which are held during the MLA Annual Convention. Since an elected delegate who cannot attend may not be represented by proxy, the forum’s delegate should be willing and able to attend the meetings of the assembly in 2024, 2025, and 2026. (The January 2024 convention will be held in Philadelphia; the January 2025 convention will be held in New Orleans; the January 2026 convention will be held in Toronto).

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