LLC African American Forum Executive Committee:

Jervette Ward, January 2023 (2021-January 2022 Chair)
Kristin Moriah, January 2024 (2021-January 2022 Secretary)
Sharon Lynette Jones, January 2025
Dorothy Tsuruta, January 2026
Julius Fleming, January 2027

CFPs — MLA LLC African American 2021 Panels – Toronto

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    Jervette Ward

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>LLC African American Forum</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Call for Papers for MLA 2021 in Toronto</p>

    Theories of Black Women Intellectualism in the Nineteenth Century

    Inviting talks on diverse iterations of intellectual thought amongst C19th Black women thinkers; Intellectual productions beyond the usual confines of the slave narrative or sentimental novel. 250 word abstracts to by March 23.


    Octavia Butler: Then, Now, Thereafter
    Inviting talks on any aspect of Butler’s life, archive, and legacy; Relevance to/for current crises; particular interest in proposals on carcerality; climate; leadership models and ethics. Send 250 word abstracts to by March 23.


    In Memoriam: African American Literary and Scholarly Greats

    Submit 300-word abstracts for an In Memoriam Panel celebrating and critically engaging with the works and legacies of recently departed writers and scholars to by March 23.


    Co-Sponsored Panel with the Latina and Latino Literature Forum

    Papers analyzing Afro-Latinx cultural and literary production. 150-word abstracts and CV to Elena Machado Sáez ( by March 15. This panel is cosponsored with the Latina and Latino Literature Forum.

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