LLC African American Forum Executive Committee:

Jervette Ward, January 2023 (2021-January 2022 Chair)
Kristin Moriah, January 2024 (2021-January 2022 Secretary)
Sharon Lynette Jones, January 2025
Dorothy Tsuruta, January 2026
Julius Fleming, January 2027

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  • Health Humanities Tenure-track position, specialization in Disability Studies  
    Uploaded by Kathryn Chew on 17 September 2019 .

    The Comparative World Literature program at CSULB is excited to announce a new tenure-track position. We are looking for a colleague whose research is in the medical or health humanities and who could teach courses in our health humanities minor (that we are constructing at this very moment), such as Literature and Medicine. We are particularly interested in someone who could create a course in Disability Studies that would be cross-listed with the Sociology department. This position is housed entirely in Comparative World Literature. Please find the position description attached below. We would be grateful if you would post our advertisement and / or forward it to any promising candidates. Thank you for helping us to get the word out!

    The job description is attached and also available here:

  • Cash Bar - MLA 2016 - 3  
    Uploaded by Miriam Thaggert on 20 January 2016 .

    Attendees at the LLC African American Cash Bar

  • Cash Bar - MLA 2016 - 2  
    Uploaded by Miriam Thaggert on 20 January 2016 .

    Attendees at the Cash Bar: Riche Richardson, Lisa B. Thompson, and Angela Ards

  • Cash Bar - MLA 2016  
    Uploaded by Miriam Thaggert on 20 January 2016 .

    LLC African American members re-connected at the cash bar during MLA 2016.