The Adaptation Studies forum is dedicated to discussion of adaptation of imaginative works in its many forms, along with theories of adaptation and appropriation.

Follow-up to the Adaptation Studies forum proposal

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    Douglas Lanier

    Hi, all. As you know from my last e-mail, the proposal to found an MLA Adaptation Studies forum has been approved, and we’re now up and running. I have a small favor to ask of you in support of this fledgling forum.

    There is now an official site for Adaptation Studies on the MLA Commons. (This e-mail comes to you from the old site I created for the forum proposal – “Prospective Forum: Adaptation Studies.”) The new site can be found here: . It’s important that you join the official Adaptation Studies site so that we can maximize membership of the group and so you can keep up with calls for papers and other postings, which will be sent from the new site. It’s very easy to join. If you know MLA members who might be interested in Adaptation Studies, please encourage them to join too.

    Thanks for your continuing support, and very happy holidays to you!

    Douglas Lanier

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