Roque Moreno, novela histórica peruana de Teresa González de Fanning (nueva ed.)

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    Thomas Robert Ward

    Thomas Ward, Spanish Professor at Loyola University Maryland has published a critical edition of Roque Moreno, a historical novel Teresa González de Fanning (1836-1913), Peruvian educator and novelist, published in 1905. The novel portrays the chaos that characterized Peru in the years immediately after Independence. The plot revolves around two haciendas, one owned by Roque Moreno, descendant from a family of freedmen, owner of an estate formerly belonging to the Jesuits, the other by Don Justo de la Vega Hermosa, a Spaniard based in Peru. Besides its interest in the culture of the haciendas in times of Peruvian President Agustín Gamarra, the novel also offers a psychological analysis based on racial concepts investigating the Peruvian self-formed both by Spanish and black descendants.

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