Gender and Sexuality in Jewish Latin American Cultural Production

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    Daniela Goldfine

    The editors of a volume titled Gender and Sexuality in Jewish Latin American Cultural Production invite proposals from potential contributors. The volume is planned for publication with Lexington Books as part of their Latin American Gender and Sexualities series edited by Carolina Rocha.

    Essay proposals should explicitly address issues and/or representations of gender and sexuality within the broadly defined context of Jewish Latin American cultural production (literature, film, visual arts, plastic arts, photography, performance, and music). The volume intends to call attention to the significance and variety of gendered representations of Jewishness in Latin American cultural production. Proposals that consider feminine/feminist positions, masculinity, queerness, LGBT identities, sexuality and sexualization are welcome. Likewise, proposals that explore the imaginaries through which Jewish authors/artists situate the intersections of gender and culture in Latin America are also encouraged, as are those that focus on the interplay of power, nationalism, gender, and Jewishness. Essays should be developed around a solid theoretical framework germane to the above topics.

    All submissions must be in English. Send 300-word abstracts by 5 June, 2016 to Darrell B. Lockhart ( and Daniela Goldfine (


    Submitters will be notified as to the status of their submission by 15 July, 2016. Completed essays of 6,000-8,000 words will be due 1 February, 2017.

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