CFP NeMLA Roundtable, Disability Studies in LA

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    Beth Ellen Jörgensen

    Roundtable fostering a dialogue about and with Latin American perspectives on disability studies in the humanities. Participants will give brief presentations on disability studies theory and criticism produced in Latin America in response to local and regional lived realities and cultural productions. Speakers may also highlight literature, film and media that raise questions about the representation or self-representation of people with disabilities in Latin America, or engage with disability studies concepts and theories. Social science work that has a humanities dimension, such as that which treats the cultural construction of disability, may be included. Ample time to be provided for discussion. Roundtable organized by Beth Jorgensen, Univ. of Rochester. Submit abstracts by Sept. 30, 2014 through the NeMLA website:
    At the NeMLA website you will log in as a User, or sign up if you are a first-time user. Then click on “Call for Papers” and locate the CFP under Spanish/Portuguese.

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