CFP 2018- Working Group Wild Interventions in Latin/o America – XX and XXI Centu

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    Claudia Cabello-Hutt

    Address the ways in which cultural, literary, and artistic interventions in the socio-political landscape of Latin/o America during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have queered genders and sexualities, practices of sociality, public spaces, the production and consumption of cultural goods, forms of embodiment, developmental rhetorics, and notions of the<span class=”text_exposed_show”> human. Inspired by Jack Halberstam’s theories, we invite papers that “fail disciplinary knowledge” in order to reconfigure and unsettle the Latin/o American archive.
    400-page abstracts and short bios</span>
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    Deadline for submissions: Friday, March 24, 2017

    Claudia Cabello-Hutt, UNC-Greensboro ( ); Mariela Méndez, University of Richmond ( )


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