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    Nesrine Chahine

    We are seeking nominations for the Executive Committee of the CLCS Global Arab and Arab American Forum at the MLA. We are also seeking nominations for a representative to the MLA Delegate Assembly on behalf of the CLCS Global Arab and Arab American Forum. Both appointments would begin after the MLA Convention in 2024. Please email all nominations (self-nominations also welcome) to by Jan. 20th.EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Only current MLA members are eligible for appointment. Seven convention years must elapse before an individual can serve another term on the same executive committee. No member may serve on more than one executive committee at a given time. More information about the responsibilities of executive committee members can be found here.DELEGATE ASSEMBLY REPRESENTATIVE:

    • Must have been an MLA member between 15 January 2022 and 14 January 2023, unless the nominee is a student, in which case we only require that they be a current member.
    • Cannot already be serving on the Delegate Assembly, unless their term ends in 2024.
    • Cannot already have served two successive terms on the Delegate Assembly.

    Please note that the delegate’s main responsibility is to attend meetings of the assembly, which are held during the MLA Annual Convention. Since an elected delegate who cannot attend may not be represented by proxy, the forum’s delegate should be willing and able to attend the meetings of the assembly in 2024, 2025, and 2026. (The January 2024 convention will be held in Philadelphia; the January 2025 convention will be held in New Orleans; the January 2026 convention will be held in Toronto).

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