LLC 20th- and 21st-Century American forum executive committee:

Paula M. L. Moya, Jan. 2016
Mark Goble, Jan. 2017 (2015–Jan. 2016 Ch.)
Amy Hungerford, Jan. 2018 (2015–Jan. 2016 Sec.)
Heather Houser, Jan. 2019
Joseph Jeon, Jan. 2020

MLA Proposed Session: Political Oratory and African Am Lit (abstracts by 3/13)

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    Matthew Calihman

    I am proposing a special session at MLA 2024 on “Political Oratory and African American Literature.”  Papers will examine speeches by elected officials as contributions to African American literary discourse.   Please email 300-word abstracts to by March 13.

    Matthew Calihman, Professor of English, Missouri State University

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