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MLA 2022 CFP: Race, Theory and the Practice of Psychoanalysis

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    Dorothy Stringer

    Greetings! This message is to announce a CFP for MLA 2022. Please consider submitting an abstract! Please circulate widely!

    The concise version is available on the main MLA Convention web site, but an expanded and detailed version is included here:

    Race, Theory, and the Practice of Psychoanalysis

    • How does the category of race allow for new understandings of  20th-century and contemporary psychoanalysis? This panel, sponsored by the MLA’s Forum on Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Literature, seeks to broaden discussion of race’s necessary impact on contemporary understandings of psychoanalysis. We invite work from scholars, theorists, and practitioners addressing topics such as:

      Clinical relationships that make race salient for psychoanalysis

    • Under-recognized BIPOC clinicians and theorists
    • Antiracism and racism in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic institutions
    • Theories of race, racism or racial identity that deploy and/or rethink traditional psychoanalytic concepts
    • Novel appropriations of psychoanalysis in BIPOC literatures
    • Antiracist activism and psychoanalysis, across the twentieth century to  today.


    Please submit 250-word abstract and one-page CV to Dorothy Stringer( and Sheldon George( simultaneously. Thank you for your interest!

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