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Invitation to an MLA Panel: Arthur Miller – Self and Tragedy

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    David Palmer

    I would like to invite anyone interested in theater, psychological or philosophical issues in literature, narratology, or cognitive approaches to literary analysis to consider attending the following MLA special-session round-table discussion sponsored by the Arthur Miller Society. We plan to allow at least 25 minutes of this 75-minute session for open discussion with the audience, so we are hoping that scholars with a broad array of interests and perspectives will attend.

    Arthur Miller: Self and Tragedy
    Thursday, January 9, 7:00–8:15 p.m., O’Hare, Chicago Marriott

    Presiding: David Palmer, Massachusetts Maritime Acad.

    Speakers: Patrick Colm Hogan, Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs; Stephen A. Marino, Saint Francis Coll.; Bruce McConachie, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Matthew Roudané, Georgia State Univ.

    A discussion among cognitive literary scholars and experts on Arthur Miller on how cognitive studies informs our understanding of Miller’s plays and how Miller’s conception of tragedy informs our understanding of the self. The discussion’s purpose is to reveal Miller’s plays as fertile subjects for the cognitive approach and to encourage theater scholars in general to explore cognitive studies.

    For a more complete round-table topic statement, visit the Arthur Miller Society website,, and scroll down to the appropriate section under Current Miller Events.

    Thank you for considering this session. We are hoping for a lively discussion.

    David Palmer, Humanities Department, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

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