LLC 20th- and 21st-Century American forum executive committee:

Paula M. L. Moya, Jan. 2016
Mark Goble, Jan. 2017 (2015–Jan. 2016 Ch.)
Amy Hungerford, Jan. 2018 (2015–Jan. 2016 Sec.)
Heather Houser, Jan. 2019
Joseph Jeon, Jan. 2020

CFP: Queers & Comics Conference

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    andré carrington

    View the complete detailed call for proposals:

    <strong style=”color: #36312d;”>Queers & Comics – Presented by <strong style=”color: #36312d;”>CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies

    <strong style=”color: #36312d;”>Location: The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY<br style=”color: #36312d;” /><strong style=”color: #36312d;”>Date: May 7-8, 2015

    <strong style=”font-style: inherit;”>Keynote Speakers: Howard Cruse (Stuck Rubber Baby, Gay Comics) and Alison Bechdel (Dykes to Watch Out For, Fun Home)

    <strong style=”font-style: inherit;”>Proposal Submission Deadline: November 3, 2014 
    Notifications by December 15

    <strong style=”font-style: inherit;”>Queers & Comics brings LGBTQ cartoonists, comics writers, and artists together with scholars and fans in order to document the history and significance of queer comics. This conference spotlights the veterans of LGBTQ cartooning in North America and internationally, with forums for working artists to share their knowledge and to discuss how to navigate the comics industry. In lieu of traditional academic panels, roundtable discussions will foster lively and diverse dialogues about how queer comics reflect and critique queer culture. Queer comics publishers, editors, independent scholars, educators, and journalists are also encouraged to attend.

    The <strong style=”font-style: inherit;”>Queers & Comics conference will offer two days of workshops, portfolio reviews, slideshow presentations, roundtable discussions, and an exhibition of queer cartoon art. All events will be live streamed and video will be archived for future viewing.

    We invite proposals for workshops, readings, presentations, portfolio reviewers, and preformed roundtables (with a minimum of 3 discussants) as well as proposals by individual roundtable discussants which address the topics below. We welcome proposals from outside the U.S. and by LGBTQ cartoonists working pre-1980s, LGBTQ cartoonists of color, queer women cartoonists, artists and writers with disabilities, and trans cartoonists, as well as scholars from all of these backgrounds.

    <strong style=”font-style: inherit;”>Submit proposals via email to: <strong style=”font-style: inherit;”>

    Proposals should include:
    Description of proposal (250 words or less)
    Biographical info (100 words or less) or one-page CV for each participant
    Audio-Visual requests

    Watch for updates at

    <div style=”color: #36312d;”></div>

    Follow <strong style=”font-style: inherit;”>@QueersComics on Twitter and <strong style=”font-style: inherit;”>Queers & Comics on Facebook

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