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Update re: US Latinx Studies @ 2022 MLA Convention

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    Elena Machado Sáez

    Due to the surge in coronavirus cases, the executive committee of the LLC Latina/Latino Forum has cancelled the cash bar reception and moved all of our panels online.

    We’re still looking forward to vibrant conversations about US Latinx Studies at the 2022 MLA convention, so please join us by attending the virtual panels listed below!


    Thursday, 6 January 2022, 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM

    Session 163 Democracy and the Latinx Novel

    Virtual Event

    Presider: Alberto Varón

    Recent events have demonstrated the simultaneous vulnerability and resiliency of democratic projects and of our need for cultural frameworks for imagining the norms and processes of those institutions. Panelists address the relation between democracy and the novel across historical, linguistic, and ethnic ranges and discuss the novel form’s ability to imagine a more just democratic society.

    Panelists: José de la Garza Valenzuela , G.R. Andrés Guzmán, Carmen Lamas, Carlos Alonso Nugent, Kristy L. Ulibarri


    Friday, 7 January 2022, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM 

    Session 331V Performing Borders / Performances on the Border

    Virtual Event

    Presider: Marion Christina Rohrleitner


    “Crossing Geographies: Guadalupe Maravilla’s Utopian Gestures,” Amanda Macedo Macedo, Brown U

    “Gloria Anzaldúa and María Cristina Mena’s Brown Performances,” Renee Hudson, Chapman U

    “Like a Puzzle: Fragmentation, Horror, and the Grotesque on the United States–Mexico Border,” Maia Gil’Adí, U of Massachusetts, Lowell

    Cenicienta: A Bilingual Rasquache Performance to Promote Access and Representation,” Adriana Dominguez, U of Texas, El Paso


    Please also make note this just-in-time panel on US Latinx studies, which was not organized by our forum:

    Thursday, 6 January 2022, 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM 

    Session: Just in Time: Archival Theory of the Global South in Latinidad

    Presider: Sarah Quesada

    Respondent: Debra Ann Castillo


    “Makina’s Afterlives in Yuri Herrera’s Señales que precederán al fin del mundo,” José David Saldívar, Stanford U

    “African Archival Zombies in Junot Díaz’s ‘Monstro’,” Sarah Quesada, Duke U

    “Cimarron Poetics in Mayra Santos-Febres’s Boat People,” Vanessa Pérez-Rosario, Queens C, City U of New York


    Executive Committee Members

    Carmen Lamas, Jan. 2022

    Elena Machado Sáez, Jan. 2023 (2021–Jan. 2022 Ch.)

    Marion Christina Rohrleitner, Jan. 2024 (2021–Jan. 2022 Sec.)

    Joshua Javier Gúzman, Jan. 2025

    Alberto Varon, Jan. 2026

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