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Restaurant Recommendations and More

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    Karin Bagnall

    If you’re a New York City local, please share your expertise by suggesting nearby restaurants, bars, or things to see or do. Provide as much information as you can: Distance from the convention venue, price range, URL, and what you like about a place are particularly useful.


    Nicky Agate

    As an NYC local, I’d like to recommend the following around the convention area (if you’re looking for recommendations beyond a mile radius of the convention, particularly in Brooklyn, send me a message here @terrainsvagues):

    • BAR: Valhalla NYC, for a really good selection of craft beers. It’s a 10-minute walk west from the Sheraton along 53rd St.
    • BOOKSTORE: Albertine, a French-language bookstore and event space at 972 5th Avenue (at 79th Street). About a half-hour walk (through Central Park!) from the Sheraton.
    • YOGA: Sonic Yoga, 944 Eight Ave (between 55th and 56th Streets). Vinyasa focused, with classes for all levels. About five minutes from the Sheraton.
    • FLEA MARKET: Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, 39th St &  9th Ave. (1 mile from the Sheraton). Sat & Sun 9am–5pm.
    • BAR/TAPAS: Kilo, 857 9th Avenue (between 55th and 56th Streets). Great cocktails and tapas. A 10-minute walk from the Sheraton.
    • BRUNCH: Print, 653 11th Ave, New York City, NY (at 48th Street). Seasonable, sustainable, delicious brunch fare. Good for vegetarians.  About a mile from the Sheraton. 
    • RESTAURANT: Momosan Ramen & Sake at 39th Street and Lexington. If you’re looking for something fancy with a view, I’ve heard Robert, at 2 Columbus Circle at the top of the Museum of Arts and Design, fits the bill.
    • CHEAPER EATS: Toto Ramen, 366 52nd Street. $10-$15/bowl.

    Vimala C. Pasupathi

    I hesitate to tell people all of this because I’d like for my favorite spaces to be free of crowds.

    If you want cheap and delicious food, you should go to Queens, particularly Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, & Flushing. Golden Mall in Flushing if you’re cool on walking down some steps into a basement mall & ordering super cheap and amazing dumplings and noodles from stalls with sparse signs or pictures rather than English and New World Mall if you want a sleek food court with a ton of options.

    Long Island City also has good places to eat and drink (Alewife has a great beer and whiskey selection and Tournesol is lovely.), and some of the neighborhood places are just one stop from Grand Central on the 7 train (these are going to be a bit more expensive and closer to what you’d pay for a nice meal in Manhattan or Brooklyn).

    I say this as somebody who lived in Texas for 8+ years: John Brown Smokehouse is legit good.

    If you are willing to brave the cold, you can do a…robust? Queens beer crawl in LIC: LIC Brewing, Big Alice, Rockaway Brewing, & Fifth Hammer are all around there and Alewife, Bierocracy, and a few other places have a lot of space andlarge selections with quite a bit of local beer. Finback Brewery is hard to get to, but order it whenever you see it on a menu somewhere.

    In the city, away from the conference, you can’t beat the prices and quality at Mooncake foods on Watts. Skip the $15 or above specials and get a $12.50 item from the plates menu–it’s a big meal of really tasty food. If I was a grad student in the city, this place would be my jam. It’s still my jam, tbh.




    Nohemy Solorzano-Thompson

    Thanks to everyone who has recommended places to eat — on behalf of me and others with dietary restrictions, could someone be so kind as to recommend places with good gluten-free options?

    (And by that I mean at least two or three entrées that meet gluten-free restrictions; ideally in places with separate preparing spaces but even if shared kitchen, do send these as I am sure a lot of gluten-free celiac and insensitivity people need this info. If at all possible include specifics, but name place will suffice and we can do the research (as we always do)). Thanks!


    Vimala C. Pasupathi

    This place: a https://www.friedmansrestaurant.com/

    “…The original store opened in 2009 in the Chelsea Market. One of the pioneers Vanessa had been diagnosed with celiac disease and had to eat gluten-free. So when the first location opened she was vocal about making it a gluten-free safe haven for her and her celiac peers. She was adamant that there be only one menu available which would be entirely gluten-free. After long hours in the kitchen and playing with all different sorts of flours we believe we have created some of the best pancakes, waffles, and fried chicken. More importantly, they are all intrinsically gluten-free.
    <p data-wahfont=”16”>Our mantra is simple, “Eat good food” and this is what we strive to deliver to our guests. For us, it has two meanings. Firstly, eat food that tastes good. Secondly, be proud of the food you serve. We know where our food comes from. We communicate regularly with our farmers and are proud to serve antibiotic free meats & local vegetables. Our mission is for you to love, respect, & enjoy, not only the food you serve, but also the team you work with.”</p>


    Nohemy Solorzano-Thompson

    Thank you so much! — Best, NST


    Vimala C. Pasupathi

    If you want to get away from the conference and eat the best/cheapest South Indian food, go to Temple Canteen. Take the 7 train to Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, or Citifield & catch a cab/Lyft from there. The ride won’t cost much & you’ll save $ on the food. Seriously cheap & you can get a feast. Open daily 8:30 to 9:30.


    Andie Silva

    FYI: Some of these will take a cab or train ride to get to

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