Executive Committee:

Allison Margaret Bigelow, Jan. 2023 (2021-2023 chair)
David Alff, Jan. 2024 (2021-2022 secretary)
Eugenia Zuroski, Jan. 2025
Rachael Scarborough King, Jan. 2026

CFP MLA 2024 — Comparative Media Histories

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    David Alff

    Recent work in book history, bibliography, and media studies has expanded definitions of “the book” and turned attention to materiality more broadly. Eighteenth-century studies in particular has seen an interest in non-print media, queer and trans book history, speculative archives, and critical making, among other approaches. This panel seeks considerations of comparative media histories of the eighteenth century, asking how comparative, multilingual, and transnational perspectives can illuminate or reconfigure our understanding of the history of the book and materiality. What work needs to be done to continue to expand book history beyond the field’s historical focus on Anglo-American sources? What does placing “the book” in media history mean in a comparative context? This panel asks how an expanded media history can change our understanding of eighteenth-century literature and culture. The CLCS 18th-Century Forum encourages work from ECRs and is available to give feedback on paper drafts and revisions.

    Submissions on comparative media history and eighteenth-century studies. How can comparative or multilingual approaches expand definitions of “the book” and the materiality of texts? 200-word abstract and brief CV to rking@english.ucsb.edu and pamela.phillips1@upr.edu by March 15, 2023.

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