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    Toby Wikström


    Theory’s Seventeenth Century
    Reassessing seventeenth-century French texts’ and contexts’ role in twentieth-century theory. How can current dix-septiémiste work shed new light on the theory canon? 300-word abstracts to Ellen Welch ( by 15 March 2019.

    The Discourses of Luxury in 17th-century France
    Intersection of politics, myth-making, and aesthetics in development of luxury; its impact on social culture, artistic practices, and national identity forging process; place of 17th century in emerging field of luxury studies. 300-word abstracts to Sylvaine Guyot ( by 15 March 2019.


    Troubles et tourbillons: Toward a Materialist Poetics of Turbulence in the 17th Century
    Disturbance, broadly construed: vortex, squall, drift, entropy, noise. Relation of natural philosophical principles of scattering, flux, or disarray to early modern poiesis. 250-word abstracts to Jeffrey N. Peters ( by 15 March 2019.

    Print and Digital Interfaces in Early Modern Literature Role of interface (layout, multimedia, reference mechanisms: links, notes) in print and digital editions of early modern works. 200-word abstracts to Christophe Schuwey ( and Geoffrey Turnovsky ( by 15 March 2019.

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