Italo Calvino@100: An Unfolding Legacy

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    Letizia Modena

    CFP per MLA 20235–8 January, San Francisco, CA.On behalf of the LLC 20th- and 21st-Century Italian Forum Executive Committee Calvino@100: An Unfolding Legacy

    A century after his birth, Italo Calvino still enjoys an international following that includes novelists, artists, literary scholars, architects, even mathematicians and environmentalists. His resonance is rich and variegated, perhaps because his oeuvre poses more questions than it answers. How is his legacy unfolding through different disciplines and paradigms of scholarship?  What aspects of his vast corpus invite reflection and critique in today’s intellectual landscapes?  Please send abstract max 500 words and short bio to Letizia Modena: Letizia.modena@vanderbilt.eduand Serenella Iovino serenella.iovino@unc.eduSubmission Deadline: Tuesday, 15 March 2022

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