CFA MLA 2016: 16th C Fr Lit

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    Todd W. Reeser

    Call for Abstracts for MLA 2016 in Austin, Texas

    MLA Sixteenth-Century French Literature Executive Committee

    Affect in Sixteenth-century France

    How is affect intersubjective, defined/undefined, related to emotion? Close or distant readings welcome. 200-word abstracts to Todd Reeser,, by 3/15/15.

    Prefiguring “Disability” in Renaissance France

    How are monstrous, castrated, marginal, or otherwise “defective” bodies represented? What is the role of ethnicity, travel, gender, or other factors? 200-word abstracts to Todd Reeser,, by 3/15/15.

    The following sessions are not guaranteed, but will be proposed by the Committee:

    Pre-modern Queenship

    Theories of queenship and practices of queens; relations to networks, gender, transnationalism, etc. 200-word abstracts to Leah Chang by 3/15/15.

    “It’s 1500: Are we Modern Yet?”

    We seek papers that explore the stakes of periodization, the dialectic and dis/continuities between Medieval and Renaissance (or pre- and early modern) literature, the problems inherent in the choice of names. 200-word abstracts to Todd Reeser,, and Matilda Bruckner,, by 3/15/15.

    (in conjunction with the French Medieval Language and Literature Committee)

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