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    Toby Wikström

    Dear all,

    Please find below the 17th-century French Forum´s calls for papers for MLA Toronto 2021.
    Best wishes,
    Toby Wikström

    Beyond Paris

    Decentering Paris in seventeenth-century studies. How are cities and regions throughout early modern France written, pictured, performed, or practiced? How do these locations imagine or position themselves within France and/or the wider early modern world? 250-word abstracts to Anna Rosensweig (anna.rosensweig@rochester.edu) by 15 March 2020.

    The Possibilities of Fiction in 17th-century France

    The formal, imaginative, ideological, and epistemological possibilities of fiction as a means of challenging the limitations of genres, the sociopolitical order, and the frames of knowledge in seventeenth-century France. 250-word abstracts to Sylvaine Guyot (guyot@fas.harvard.edu) by 15 March 2020.

    Thinking Early Modern Race Transnationally

    Papers on early modern English, French, or other European representations of race.  Relations between race, religion, imperial, colonial, (proto)national thought.  Collaborative, non-guaranteed roundtable organized by 17th-Century British and French Forums.  250-word abstract, cv, and bio to Melissa E. Sanchez (sanchezm@english.upenn.edu) and Toby Wikström (tew@hi.is) by March 10, 2020.

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