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    Jessica Winston

    Dear Members of the LLC 16th-Century English Forum:

    The members of the current Executive Committee for the LLC 16th-Century English Forum invite nominations/suggestions of names of people serve on the Executive Committee. This is a great opportunity to shape panels at MLA and the field generally Please send questions or suggestions to committee secretary, Jessica Winston,, by Monday, January 17, 2022.

    Further information:

    The current executive committee members are as follows (with years on the committee indicated):

    • J.K. Barrett, Committee Chair (5th Year) University of Texas – Austin
    • Jessica Winston, Committee Secretary (4th Year), Idaho State University
    • Debapriya Sarkar (3rd Year) University of Connecticut
    • Joseph Ortiz (2nd Year) University of Texas – El Paso
    • Jessica Rosenberg (1st Year) University of Miami

    According to MLA policies: only current MLA members are eligible for appointment. Seven convention years must elapse before an individual can serve another term on the same executive committee. No member may serve on more than one executive committee at a given time. Members serve five year terms.

    The MLA is trying a new system whereby, instead of the usual elections, members are appointed to the Executive Committee. The rationale for making this change is that the MLA heard from many forum executive committees that it is difficult to find candidates willing to run for the positions and that those who have been talked into running and then are not elected often end up disgruntled. The MLA notes that it is essential for forum executive committees to seek self-nominations from the forum membership so as to allow for broad participation. We should all strive to ensure diversity of many sorts on the forum executive committees. It is for these reasons that we seek self-nominations now.

    Please send nominations/suggestions to Jessica Winston,, and of course feel free to send a question if you have one too.


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