First Sit and Write

Event Description

Join a community of writers this spring for the MLA Sit and Write sessions, virtual writing retreats designed to support members at all stages of their careers. These monthly ninety-minute sessions feature a solid hour of dedicated, quiet writing time for you to focus on your work in the (digital) company of other writers. You’ll set goals, make progress, and maybe even start a writing group.

Sessions begin with a prewriting “Snack,” a bite-sized presentation offering suggestions and resources on topics such as creating a writing schedule, crafting your first article, and productive revision strategies. Snacks are tailored for specific topics, but the writing hour is open to all members bringing any aspect of their writing life and any type of project—and all Snacks will be recorded and available on the MLA website.

Our first Snack will focus on creating a kind writing schedule, led by Anne Fernald (Fordham University, editor of Modernism/modernity).

After each writing hour, you’ll be able to join your fellow writers in breakout groups to discuss your progress and next steps. Unable to attend the Snack or postwriting chat? Feel welcome to log on just for the writing time.

Event Details

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