The LLC Galician Forum runs MLA panels related to Galician Studies.

Galician Studies Panels at MLA 2016: programme and scheduling information

We now have programme copy for the two Galician Studies sessions at MLA 2016!

Friday, 8 January

204. Translation, Bilingualism, Glocalization: New Linguistic Approaches in Galician Studies

8:30–9:45 a.m.

Program arranged by the Forum LLC Galician

Presiding: Obdulia E. Castro, Regis Univ.

1. “A Segunda Lingua: Viewing Identity through Self-Translation in Contemporary Galician Poetry,” Brandon Rigby, Univ. of Oregon

2. “Galician Children’s Literature and Kalandraka Publisher: A Case of Success and Glocalization,” Miriam Sanchez Moreiras, Regis Univ.

3. “Transnational Feminism and the Politics of Translation in the Twenty-First Century: The Galician Canon,” Olga Castro, Aston Univ.

Respondent: Gabriel Rei-Doval, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Saturday, 9 January

537. Weaving, Burning, Growing: Material Readings in Galician Literature

12:00 noon–1:15 p.m.

Program arranged by the Forum LLC Galician

Presiding: Kirsty Hooper, Univ. of Warwick

1. “Os remendos quen nos restitúen: Notes on the Aesthetics of Mending in the Poetry of Luz Pichel and Berta Dávila,” Neil Anderson, Texas Tech Univ.

2. “Writing the Land: Ecofeminism in Rosalía de Castro and Emilia Pardo Bazán,” Carmen Pereira-Muro, Texas Tech Univ.

3. “Manuel Rivas’s Os libros arden mal: Biblioclasm, Bibliophilia, and the Perseverance of Books in the Galician National Imaginary,” Robert Richmond Ellis, Occidental Coll.

Respondent: Eugenia R. Romero, Ohio State Univ., Columbus

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